Achievements & Success Story

Success Story-1

Dr. Himanshu
General Physician

Everyone's life is not the same, but one thing is common, that family, today I am going to share some moments of my life with you. ......

I am Himanshu, I was born in a middle class family, my father is working in the railway and our mother was housewife, we are four brothers and one sister, life is going well like everyone else, I was born in middle class on 26 July 1999 Happened, when I was 3 years old, something suddenly happened in my life which changed the whole life of all of us. One night came such that after that I never saw my father because we had gone far away from home, mother and we four brothers,

Then what happened after that was even more painful, but it was approved by destiny, we came to Rishikesh and stayed with my mother at the ghat of Geeta Bhavan for a few months. No food to eat and no money for mother's treatment, then after a few months, mother died due to extreme deterioration.

After that Harishankar Mohta ji and colleague Shyam Rao ji, in-charge of Geeta Bhavan, adopted us, then our educational and spiritual journey started from here, then they enrolled us in the hostel of Divya Prem Seva Mission to study.

Then I completed my studies there till class 12th, after that my dream was to become a doctor, for this the head of the institute respected Ashish Bhaiya ji sent me to Mauritius for MBBS( SSR medical college) run by DR. R.P.N Sir so that I can fulfill my dream today, I am a doctor.

Behind my dreams are the hopes and blessings of many people, for which I will always be indebted.

In this journey of 21 years, I have learned a lot but first of all I am becoming a better person.

I am not scientist to find a reason………………….

Good human to know other's feelings and same time doctor.

Success Story-2

Mr. Rameshwar
M.Sc. Paediatric Nurse

My journey from schools to at present as an MSc Nurse starts from Divya prem sewa mission.The infrastructure of the Divya Prem sewa mission is good enough and quite well with clean & green environment. All faculty members always motivate us to study, learn & succeed. I learned a lot of things from here.The faculty and teachers tought me discipline and perseverance which is much needed for my life and i am still following. My education from Divya Prem sewa mission has given me the confidence to master anything I want to accomplish in life. I procured my UG and PG with the same inspiration I got from Divya Prem Seva Mission.An opportunity to study from here has made me abundantly clear about my goal which doesn’t seem to be far-fetched now.

Being a student of this trust i feel very lucky to build my life easy.

I'm so thankful and appreciate all the support & help that I got every time from here.